A Spanish Grape in a Washington Wine

2007 Shady Grove Winery Albarino

Today I’m drinking a Spanish wine by a Washington Winery – Shady Grove. Unfortunately their website is “coming soon”. This white wine is very golden in color. When I initially opened it, it was still cold. The nose reminded me of Vinho Verde. I let it warm up in the glass and was fully rewarded. A good white wine will be more evident warm than cold and the patience was very worthwhile. This is currently a wine-club wine at George’s Wine Shoppe in Bellevue, WA. I was just having a simple salad with some sliced chicken and boiled egg on top for dinner. It seemed like the right time to open this (screw top) bottle. Along with the gold color and a little warmth was a nose that was amazingly floral. I envisioned lilac and lillies amongst other flowers in a field. A slight hint of pear went along with. When it got even warmer, it smelled a little oaky but not offensive. Although not a sweet wine, the flavor was that of honey and, surprisingly, oatmeal came to mind. The floral qualities continued in the flavor along with sweet peaches – yet still not a sweet wine. It seemed well balanced for a $16 price point. As it warmed further, the oakiness was matched with a buttery flavor. I wasn’t looking to gain a lot from this wine, but I was glad I opened it.

Rating: 1977 Ron Cey Although not one of the biggest names of the glory days of the late 70’s Los Angeles Dodgers, Cey was a player that was a foundation on the team. He was an All Star and came in 8th in the MVP voting while playing 3rd base. Similarly, this wine is a sort of an under the radar type wine, but you want it around at the right time. As I need to expand my Ron Cey collection, I also need to find out more about the Albarino varietal. Definitely a winner.


~ by Winesampler on March 8, 2009.

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